Wildlife food plots


Everyone has their own way of doing a wildlife food plot. Some plant greens, rye grass, oats, clover and everything else they can. I decided to experiment with four different ones. Two are rifle stands and two are going to be archery stands.

I have disked up two spots already and one I am a third of the way prepping and will prep all winter. That one is for archery only. I will completely prep my tripod stand next weekend. The archery stand experiment started by disking up the spot then adding 13-13-13 fertilizer. There will be one more bag added then three bags of 10-10-10 will be added. One bag of crushed oyster shell was also added. This weekend will also add a couple of bags of deer mineral attract added in the soil then disked in.

Once all this sits all winter long it will have enriched the soil with everything the clovers and chicory will have to thrive and provide the wildlife with what they need. The fertilizer will help the plants grow while the oyster shell and mineral attract will provide minerals through the plants for the wildlife. I already disked my tripod stand plot area. Now I will copy the process with my tripod stand but it will be one bag of 13-13--13 fertilizer one bag of 10-10-10 fertilizer one quater bag of oyster shell and one bag of minerals. I will also keep the soil disked here and there all winter. If this works out and my first two plots do as good as I am planning on I will follow the same process for the next two spots next year.