Wild gumbo


1 jar gumbo rue
10 duck breast
2 geese breast
10 dove breast
10 quail breast
10 red breasted robin breast
2 lbs deer sasuage
2 lbs okra
1/2 1015 yellow onion
3 bay leaves

Cut the duck and geese breast into bite size peices and add to the others. Cut up onion into wedges then add to the breast. Cut sasuage into thin rings and add to rest of meat and onion then set aside. Take gumbo pot and add rue then fill halfway with water. Bring rue and water to slow boil while adding which ever seasoning you prefer. Add meat, onion and bay leaves to the boiling water. Clean and top off the okra. Cut okra into rings then add once the gumbo is halfway done or it becomes soggy. May have to keep seasoning while cooking to get the exact flavor you want.