Who Would Steal Food From Children?


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A few weeks ago a friend of mine - yes, I have friends in real life - called and asked if I would cook for a fishing tournament. I said yes.

The fishing tournament was going to be at Lake Sam Rayburn here in Southeast Texas. The pit was pulled to location Friday.

Friday evening I cooked some chicken legs, thighs and sausage for everyone, then went home to get a nap.

Friday night around 10:00 pm I went back to the camping sites, got the pit hot again, then put the briskets and pork shoulders on around midnight.

6:00 am rolls around, people are waking up to go fishing. I tell the guy who called me I am going home to get a nap.

10:00 am I am back at the camp site to check on the pit.

1:00 pm, saturday, briskets and pork shoulders are pulled off the pit.

3:30 pm saturday, I tell the guy I am exhausted and going home. I will be back Sunday morning to finish cooking.

We have chicken legs and thighs, sausages, family size packs of hot dogs I was planning on cooking sunday for the kids.

Sunday morning: Friend called and asked if I got the ice chest and meat. I told him no, I just woke up.

During the night, someone stole the 36 quart Igloo ice chest that had all the meat in it for Sunday. So there was no cooking for Sunday.

All of the chicken legs, sausage and hot dogs that were supposed to be cooked Sunday were stolen.

In that ice chest were also two pork loins. They were probably going to be brought home and put in the freezer.
That is so disappointing. I don't believe it was an accident or someone just "not thinking". "Not thinking" is grabbing Windex when you really meant to grab the olive oil, spray it on the skillet, and don't realize what you've done with dinner!! This was no accident. That's what is so awful about this situation, they knew that wasn't their cooler and I doubt most people had enough meat to feed Cox's Army stowed away inside of it. :(