What horse is for you?


Buying a horse? Here are some thing to know before you buy one. Horses are temperamental in a few ways. Some are meaner than hell and will bite, kick, kill and tear things up. Some are so gentle that they play with anything and everyone. Some are dumber than a rock and some are to smart for their own good. Are you using it to rope or drive cattle you want a nice non skitish horse that won't mind if you run into a stubborn cow. Ride around in a field to look at evaluate things? Same thing but it ought to be able to sit still if you fire a gun while sitting on it's back. Using it to keep your other livestock safe? A gentle horse but one that will kick a coyote or bobcat will work just fine. An old sentiment holds true never own a mean destructive animals other wise you will pay a lot of money for repairs and medical bills. Unless you rodeo ride there is no reason to own a mean horse. As far As the dumber than a rock who wants to own a stupid animal.
Our three horses were all rescues.
My wife has ridden since she was little, I've never been on one in my life. And at age 69, I'm not about to learn.
Two are now running in the meadows of heaven, our last is a nice, easy going quarter horse mare.
Sadly, in our area during the Great Recession many were forced to give up their horses as they no longer could afford to keep them.
I'm sure most ended up in kill pens.