Welding gear update


In another post I mentioned some new welding gear I got so I would be safer while welding and grinding. For those who don't know me I'm stubborn as a stump on certian things and safety is something I get into arguments about. I don't even wear a life jacket while in a boat but I bowed down this time and did as she told me.

First the lincoln welding jacket. This morning was cold when I started welding the other side of the chute. The jacket kept me warm and kept my flannel shirt from getting burned. It has held up great so far. Haven't seen any burn spots yet either but it has a certain smell that I guess is from whatever they used to treat the leather.

The hobart fit mig gloves are sweet. The last project I had to pull a piece of flux splatter out of my left thumb because the welds burnt holes in the gloves I was using before I got the hobart glove. My hand slipped today right on top of the spot I just welded before I started the next one and I didn't feel the heat. No heat or splatter holes in them yet.

The Chicago electric welding helmet has been great. While welding I keep it on 9 but if I have to grind I just just adjust the setting to grind by simply turning the knob up. It also saves from having to use a pesky face shield. It has nice reaction time while welding so I get a good view while welding which I really need while welding the sucker rod to the square tubing.