Upcoming Additions To The Forum


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Sometime around March. maybe late February, an add-on will be installed for content pages. This is stuff that rarely changes and will be a resource to members. An example would be a page on the Barred Rock chicken, or a page on setting fence post... etc. Members will be able to add their own comments and ratings to the articles.

Something I am still thinking about is a picture gallery.

YouTube channel will be kicking off pretty soon. Please subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpe4bD1U97Z1Pxz70xmL1Q/

From December - March is when Google is indexing the site and ranking. It usually takes around six months for Google to stablize a new site. The forum could disappear from Googles index for a few days, then reappear for no reason during the first six months. This is why the forum was launched back in December. This was to give Google time to index the forum before the real meat of the content is posted.

From my experience, it does not matter what kind of content is posted in the first six months. Google does not seem to care. Over the past decade I have launched numerous testing sites, and Google treated them all the same.

Come March, the YouTube channel will kick off full speed. Content will be posted to the forum on a regular basis. Local feed stores are getting their seeds in, and hopefully their new chicks here pretty soon.

The goal is to start the forum off with new chicks, gardening, fence building,,, etc. As the farm I live on grows, so will the forum.