Two chicken snakes in the chicken house


Staff member
Well, this is a first for me. It seems two chicken snakes (rat snakes) have made themselves at home in my chicken house. A few days ago I spotted some mice and even a rat in the chicken house, so I am leaving the snakes in there for a little while. They may be preoccupied mating, but hopefully that will be over soon.

When I think they have cleared the mice and snakes out of the chicken house, the two snakes will be relocated to the tractor barn. Rats and mice like to get in the barn and hang around the wood pile. A couple of months ago I cranked the tractor up and a rat jumped out of the tractor, landed on my boot, and took off.


The box the snakes are in was originally built for the rabbits. After I got rid of the rabbits, I put the box in the chicken house.

Part of the chicken house floor is pallets, which provides a perfect hiding place for the snakes.