Tractor maintenance


Nobody likes being covered in oil, grease and fuel but it's part of the country life. Changing the oil, oil filter, hydraulic oil, hydraulic filter, air filter or air filter oil and fuel filter. Flushing the cooling system out and putting all new fluids in everything isn't fun but it has to be done. Not to mention greasing everything up. If you want things easier do everything at one time.

One thing I started this year and will do from now on is instead of getting concentrated antifreeze and adding water so it is 50/50 is by buying 50/50 antifreeze. This is because over the years well and tap water will make the radiator rust up and will build calcium deposits. Prediluted antifreeze will no do so since they have protective compounds in them.

Next is the grease. Everyone says grease is grease. I say horse crap. Lithium grease is good for low heat and friction such as electric motors or mower wheels. Tacky/sticky grease is useless because it will turn hard fast and has a habit of collecting more trash. I use lucas xtra heavy duty grease for everything that isn't low heat or low friction. The tractor and and all the implements get the lucas grease. It comes in a white and green tube marked xtra heavy duty. When the old grease is pushed out it comes out creamy and smooth. It holds up no matter what I put it through. So it's all I use.

Next is the oil and filter. I use wix brand because it does it's job and doesn't break the bank. You spent a pretty penny for everything you need as it is. The only diesel oil i use is shell's rotella. It is the best diesel oil there is.

Now comes the air filter. Lucky for me I have a old oil bath air filter. You clean the screen and oil canister with diesel then put oil in the canister put the screen back in. These new ones have a air filter and pre filter. Depending on your brand is how much the filters run but always replace both at the same time.

Next is the fuel filter. This is a pain because after doing so you have to prime the fuel system. Anyone who has done it knows it can be a pain sometimes and sometimes it is done without a problem. Make sure to shut off the fuel before you do it or you really will have a hard time. And red diesel will add problems down the road so don't use it. New tractors will not run on red diesel anyway.

Last is the hydraulic system. First off make sure you but the oil grade your ownsers manual or maintenance manual says to use. Do not drain hydraulic fluid when it is hot or cold. Drain luke warm hydraulic fluid. Draining cold fluid will not get all the things like water or any trash out and draining hot fluid can mess the system up espically seals and o rings.

If you have a tractor with a/c blow the filters out after you mow three times. It makes them last longer and always replace them when you do everything else.