Too much potash in the soil?


Staff member
A bunch of pepper plants were planted in an area where the soil may have issues. Several years ago I had a large bonfire there, and for some reason the plants are not growing. Even the grass has issues growing there.

I thought about digging the plants up and moving then to a better location.

The bonfire was pine, oak, sweet gum, no trash. Several years ago some pine and sweet gum were cut off the property. The limbs were piled up and burned during a new years party bonfire. The fire burned for days, maybe even close to a week?

What is strange, I grew stuff in the field the year after the bonefire. I grew squash, beans, corn, potatoes, and everything did great. I do not understand what happened for the soil to do this? This year I went with manure as the main fertilizer for the pepper plants. In the previous years I used commercial fertilizer.

Maybe the commercial fertilizer brought a balance to the soil that the manure did not?

The area is a small patch behind my house. If I really wanted to, I could disk up several acres in another field and plant until I was tired of planting. I may do that with a fall garden, not sure though.

So, would it be worth to move the plants to soil that does not have so much potash in it?