Tips on being a good country neighbor


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This evening I was walking to the back of the property with my dogs, when I spotted one of my neighbors cows. Not wanting the dogs to go after it, I took them back to the house and closed them up.

Then, I called the neighbor and told him one of his cows was out. I futher explained that the cow was not harming anything, it was fine, I was just concerned about it being away from the herd. A few days ago I saw cow droppings but did not see the cow. So it has been away from its herd for about three - four days.

Part of being a good neighbor in a rural area is treating people with respect. There is an old saying, "People in glass houses should not throw rocks." Here in the country, just about all of us have something to lose. Chances are most of us have chickens, ducks, dogs, cattle, goats, horses... etc.

Just because an animal crosses the property line does not give the property owner the right to shoot the animal. It does not know what a property line is, and chances are it does not mean any harm.

The cow slipped through the fence and was making itself at home in my field, which is no big deal.

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One of our neighbors calves got loose and was walking down the road in front of our place.
We calmly got it into our horse pen that fronts the road and called the owner (who is a friend).
He and his son came over with a little bumper pull 2 horse trailer and took the wayward youth home.
Living in the country almost requires us to be good neighbors even if people end up hating their neighbors. Looking out for others and their property, be it livestock or machinery, usually is returned by those living around us. For example, my husband accidentally set the back acreage on fire by burning brush on a windy day. We live really far out away from the next big city and it would have taken firefighters a long time to arrive. Thankfully, our neighbor saw the smoke, realized that was very much out of the norm, and came to see if his help was needed. Had it not been for the courtesy between us and our neighbor, there is not telling what would have ultimately became of the land. :(