Time to Ditch Maglite?


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It may be time to dump Maglite. I have been a loyal Maglite fan for well over 2 decades. In the 1990s when my buddies and I were camping along the swamps of Southeast Texas, Maglite was our first choice as the 3 D cell Maglite fit perfectly vertically in the corner of a medium and large ALICE pack. However, over the past decade or so the brightness of the 2 and 3 D cell Maglite is not what I remember. I wish I still had those Maglite's from the 1990s, but the batteries usually leaked, the lights were ruined, so I bought new ones.

With so many good 2 and 3 D cell flashlights on the market, is there a real reason to buy Maglite? Sure it's suppose to be made in the USA, but I have been doubting the quality for close to 10 years. Even in the late 2000's Maglite 2 D flashlight was my light of choice. When my kids and I, or my nephew and I would go hiking, or camping, there was always a Maglite in my backpack. But with the innovation of 1850 battery powered flashlights it becomes more and more difficult to carry a heavy 2 or 3 cell D Maglite.


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I've had the different size mag lights at one time or another.but been buying different brands now that I can buy rechargable flashlight's.on account they not only can be recharged easy enough.but in some/most cases, their brighter as well..I have a flashlight that uses 2D batteries,in which it sits with no batteries for some time now