Texas weather has been very dry in May 2018


Staff member
Here in Southeast Texas the weather in May is usually hot and sometimes very dry. Other times, early May can be cool. It seems like we usually have a cool front around the first week of May.

2018 seems like May has been unusually hot and dry. I have been having to irrigate the garden every other day to keep it going. The fig trees have been watered every other day as well.

March and early April was unusually wet. A lot of the seeds I planted just rotted in the ground. 2018 was the first time I saw potatoes rot in the ground. I have never seen a spring as wet as the one in 2018.

When the rain stopped, it stopped. Now we have not had rain in a month. High pressure has moved over Texas, which means hot dry weather. It seems like we have gone from one extreme to another in 2018. We went from a flood in early 2018, to a drought in May.

I just hope we can get some much needed rain sometime soon. The only thing keeping the garden going is pumping water from a creek here on the farm to the garden.