Strait wire and barb wire roller


Is your fence going to be strait or barn wire fencing? How many strands are you running and how far are you running it? If you are doing a lot of strands or a long distance are you really going to walk the whole thing? Lets say you have a mile of fence work to do all the way around a field and you run five strands that's five miles of walking. That's a lot of walking with a roll of wire even more so during the hot summer months. So why not build or buy a wire roller? You can make one any way you want. Want one that adjust up and down then build one. I built one that holds two rolls of wire out of angle iron, metal tubing, three foot piece of all thread and a long trailer hitch found in a ditch. It will hook up to anything with a hitch receiver such as a truck or a side by side. Why walk, unroll and carry the wire when you can hook it up to something and drive it to the corner post at the opposite end. Work smart not hard. Picture is one that hooks up like then one I built. One can be had at tractor supply for around $120-$150. Work smart not hard.