Squirrel hunting


Not only is squirrel hunting a rite of passage but it teaches a lot of things and help keeps the critters from getting into your stuff. The values and skills it teaches younglings is invaluable. Almost every male in my family learned to squirrel hunt at a young age and it the lessons are still part of our lives today.

Lesson one marksmanship and gun safety.It is better to teach a young person marksmanship and firearm safety at an early age. They will become good shots and learn how to be safe with firearms. These two lesson are the ones they will carry throughout life. Not only will they carry these lesson but it's one of those things that practice make perfect because the older they get the more they learn.

Lesson two stealth. Stealth has a great number of benefits. That was something I was taught at a young age. I was taught to walk from heel to toe. Stealth has allowed me to take a great number of game in countless number of ways. It really comes in handy when trying to get a good shot on something getting a hold of something it shouldn't like a coon getting a hold of eggs or corn you put a lot of time into growing. It should be one thing all kids should learn because of the benefits that comes with it.

Lesson three choosing what to bag. Hunting is not just about bagging everything you see. A doe might produce really fine offspring so you want to let her live her life out peacefully. There are animals that it wont matter what you do since bagging it wont make a difference. Starting on squirrels early teaches restraint but later on bag everyone of them. This lesson is the hardest one to teach a young child since they want everything they see and like me at that age wanted to get every game animal I saw.

Lesson four patients. Sneaking up on something isn't all ways an option. Sometimes you need to sit or lay down and wait. It can be a matter of minutes or it can take hours but not matter how long you wait it takes a great deal of patients. Deer bunting takes a great deal of self restraint. This lesson pays off with everything else in life but on the other hand it has not helped me at all other than hunting. Everyone needs this virtue even if it won't stick. It helps later in life and keeps the blood pressure down.

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