Sledge hammer


Sledge hammers are a must have for farm and ranch life. You split wood, drive objects into the ground, remove objects, install objects, bend things back, forge things, and bust up things with them. From 2 pound to 12 pound they have their jobs. Mechanics hammers are small sledge hammers even a forge hammer is basically a sledge hammer. Personally owning from a 2 pound mechanic hammer to a regular 8 pounder I have done a lot of work with them. Having them around saves a lot of headache since you will have one for every need. Try to get a fiberglass handle. Wood handles split and do not absorb as much as the shock from the impact and the new wooden handles seem to rot fast these days.
You are absolutely correct - sledge hammers and crow bars of various sizes are essential for farm or homestead life.
I have several small hand sledges, one wood handle, one synthetic (of some type) handle. The wood handled one is about 50 years old.
I've also got an 8 pounder, but it needs a new handle - the occasional misses added up and cracked the handle just behind the head.
That one is 50 years old as well.

And a half dozen crow bars ranging from 8" long nail pullers to 24" and 30" bars to a 5 foot monster used in construction for disassembling wooden concrete forms.
The one that gets used the most is a 5 foot Johnson bar, also called a pinch bar. It is not a crow bar, but a heavy duty pry bar. I got my last one at Tractor Supply.