Selective seeds


When eating something you grow even though you did everything the same one plant may produce a better tasting food than another of the same plant? Does one plant survive better than the others in the exact same conditions? If so save the seeds from them then dry them out and store them. Why you ask? If you plant seeds from the best tasting fruit or vegetable or the most hardy plant chances are good you will get another one just like it. If you do this over and over you have a high chance of getting the superior plant over and over again every time you plant it. Why do this it sounds like a lot of work right? You maybe right but think about this. Do you want a plant that stands up to heat and the cold better than the ones you previously had and possibly tired of losing plants? Do you want all your garden goodies to taste great? If so give it a whirl. Healtheir plants and the best tasting ones make the farmer happier.