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Here in Texas rifle season starts the first weekend o November. So we have a little over a month before season starts so I decided to head out to a local river and public hunting lands to do some scouting.

I started off where I want to put up the climbing stand then worked my way along a slough. To say the area was beautiful is an understatement, it was amazing. If it were not so fa from the river I would go camping in the area. Maybe after hunting season I may head into the river bottom for a weekend camping trip.

Before heading into the woods I sprayed my pants, legs, boos and socks with Repel Tick Defense. From my belt line up I used Repel Max with 40% Deet. I did not find a single tick on me, and the mosquitoes kept their distance. Using just Deet I have always had a problem with ticks, no matter how much I sprayed myself down. After I started using Repel Tick Defense, I had no more issues with ticks. Even in the hottest summer months here in Southeast Texas when ticks seem to be everywhere, Repel Tick Defense seems to keep them at bay.

The area was full of pin oaks, white oaks, and red oak trees. Canopy was not so thick that the underbrush could not grow so the deer have plenty of grass and weeds for grazing.

Next step is to attach reflective tape and tacks to the trees to create a path from my camping site to where the climbing stand will be.


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