Rye grass


When Harvey hit south east Texas it flooded. The water stayed in some areas for a couple of days and it brought salt water into some areas as well. Needless to say it killed a lot of cattle pastures out.

Then the hard winter came and killed out what grass came back. While on the road today between buna and kirbyville I looked at all the livestock pastures and I didn't see any green grass. As far as I could see the fields were dead and the grass was very short. When this happens you have to bring hay and/or feed to them on a regular basis. This means you spend more money on hay, feed and fuel to travel back and forth. It also means you spend more time on the road and on the tractor loading and unloading hay. Around the middle of October I disced up around three acres with an old 8' leinbach disc behind the house.

After I got the ground worked into a nice fine powder I planted it with rye grass. Half of the ground was poor so I took some miracle grow powder and mixed it in a home made 3 point water sprinkler and fertilized the poor soil. By doing this the cows, goats and the horse have green grass until spring rolls around by which time the field grass will come back. If you buy perennial rye grass and add it to your livestock pasture/pastures it will come up when the weather starts to cool down and it will grow and survive all winter long.

This gives livestock a good food source during winter which means you won't have to worry about them going hungry. You do not have to disc or till the soil just spread it with a seed spreader and it will sprout.
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