Protective gear


Do you have your protective gear guys? With spring around the corner patch work, repairs and maintaining everything will start soon. I know how much it sucks when you think of the words protective gear. Gloves, hats, helmets, jackets, shirts, face shields, welding helmets, glasses, boots, pants and respirators.

May not be everything but it's pretty much what everyone needs. For example with in the last week I got a welding helmet with grind mode, a pair of hobart form fitting mig welding gloves with kevlar and a lincoln leather welding jacket. Before that I was just wearing cheap tig welding gloves and a regular tee shirt.

The reason for the new helmet was because when I had to clean the weld area, grind down old welds and clean the slag off the new welds with a wire wheel I would have to use a face shield then go back to the welding helmet. With the new welding helmet I simply switch the outside adjustment to grind mode so I can grind or clean then back to 9 1/2-10 to start welding again.

The jacket and gloves were bought because a certain person told and asked me to be more safe and not to burn holes in my shirts so I did as she told and asked me to do. Yes I'm a push over when certain women ask or hint at me to do something and I'm not afraid to admit it. Lets keep that a secret. Don't want the world to know.
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I keep a hard hat in the barn for use when felling trees with my chainsaw. I also wear eye protection and leather gloves when using the saw. I haven't ever invested in the Kevlar chaps, and I don't bother much with hearing protection with the chain saw since my hearing was damaged in the war.
I know I should, but only use it when at the gun range.
I have worn work boots all my life, outdoors on the farm it's the same.
When just doing regular "stuff" I don't wear gloves, or if I do they are tight fitting enough to use my trigger finger if necessary.
That's another piece of safety gear I ALWAYS have handy - a pistol. Although the wife has dispatched most of the rattlesnakes hereabouts, you gotta stay aware. Not to mention the tiny chance (tiny) of a rabid coon or fox.