Prepping for War with China


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What would a war with China look like? I figure it would be over in a matter of days with both sides agreeing to a cease fire, but only if nuclear weapons are involved.

However, I feel China could out last the United States in both a nuclear and conventional conflict.

The vast majority of our steel mills are gone.
The United States does not make their own computer circuits, processors, motherboards..... or anything else computer related. What we do make is a fraction of what China produces.
The United States does not make very much of their own medicine - antibiotics, personal protection equipment, surgical supplies... etc.

China makes just about all of the technology for the rest of the world.
China has ghost cities that can take in millions of displaced people.
China has millions of undeveloped land.

All China has to do is to blockade the United States, nuke a few of our cities, and we would not even have the supplies to treat the wounded.

Since the 1970s the United States has been slowly transformed from a nation of factories, to a nation of consumers. Companies such as Apple, Google, Cisco... develop products, then send those products to China to be made. This has decimated the middle class of the United States. The number of skilled craftsman we have today is a fraction of what we had even 30 years ago. A great number of our shipyards closed in the 190s when we started importing more oil from OPEC. Those jobs went away to shipyards overseas, and now we have little to nothing.

Unlike World War II we have few factories that can be retooled for wartime production. We have little to no ability to fight a prolonged conflict with a world superpower such as China.

What can we do to prepare for a war with China? Perhaps get ready to return to the Middle Ages. Once we are blockaded and our national infrastructure destroyed, chances are people will run out of food rather quickly. No power, no running water, no trucks to deliver the newest smart phone.