Preparing Rows for 2019 Spring Garden


Staff member
We are around a month from planting the main part of the 2019 spring garden. Before we plant I want to make the rows up with a middle buster, then spread manure, and ash in the row. Hopefully this will give the manure around a month to break down before planting.

One of the benefits of manure is a slow release fertilizer to help plants produce all summer long. Crops such as yellow squash, peppers, and snap beans will typcally produce for months. which is good and bad.

The good is we get food production for months.

The bad, the soil is drained of nutrients. We could side dress with fertilizer to keep production steady, and/or we could add manure to the garden rows. Some of my best tomatoes and squash were raised in a bed of horse manure with 13-13-13. The squash leaves must have been 12 - 14 inches across. We had more tomatoes than we could eat. Then there were the cucumbers. I ended up bringing bags of cucumber to work and giving them away.

The plan is:

  • Use a middle buster to make the row up.
  • Spread ash and chicken manure along the row.
  • Around a month later spread a layer of 13-13-13.
  • Use a row maker to cover the manure and 13-13-13 fertilizer.
  • Plant the seeds.
One issue is making sure the manure is not too deep for the roots to reach it.