Predator hunting


Yes that tiresome and frustrating ordeal. Everyone who hunts has tried a time or so and those of us has gotten really tired of it. Sometimes it doesn't take long while other times it turns into a whole night with or without success. Depending on the conditions,equipment and skill it can help or hurt with the outcome.

Equipment like calls,firearms,bipod,chairs,ghille suits,bait and clothing.
These combined are the heart of what you need. I good firearm with a bipod can give you a good shot while being stealthy about. Mix the with the right camo you blend in and have the upper hand.

A good call will call the game in. I have a mini phantom that uses sticks instead of built in sounds so I can use more than one sound at a time and I can use other sticks for other game. If you use bait like entrails or old meat then it gives you a higher chance because not only will the predator hear the call but smell dinner.

Skill. You need more skills to predator hunt than you need for most other hunting. Stealth is a must as is knowing advantage points and knowing the area along with how the wind plays into everything. You can't move around and have your scent move around all over the place. Blending in is a must since you don't want to be seen. Learning terrain is a skill everyone needs because you know what gear will be appropriate to each terrain. Once you learn how to master all this your chances will go up and hopefully get rid of the vermin.