Planting 2021 - 2022 Fall Winter Garden


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Planted a large portion of the 2021 - 2022 fall and winter garden today. Used a Massey Ferguson 231 with a cultivator to make the rows up, which are around 125 feet long. Then used a mixture of 13-13-13, 21-0-0 and 10-20-10 fertilizer depending on what was going to be planted in the row.

I wanted more nitrogen that 13-13-13, but something for more root growth that 21-0-0. I could have gone with 16-6-12, but that left nothing for root growth, so I decided to mix my own fertilizer. I took a 2 gallon bucket, filled it almost half way with 21-0-0, then added some 10-20-10. This was spread along the rows for turnips, collards, rutabagas... anything that has a root ball and large leafy tops.

For onions and cabbage I used mostly 21-0-0.

Some 13-13-13 was added for the fun of it. 13-13-13 is an excellent all around fertilizer for most crops. I could probably have used just 13-13-13 on everything but wanted to experiment with mixing different types of fertilizers. I have done this before with good results, but that was several years ago.

What I planted today:
Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
Onions - they are soaking overnight and will plant them tomorrow
Rutabagas - half a row
Turnips - half a row

I wanted to plant some Mississippi Purple Hull Pink Eye peas as an experiment, but I was tired and was ready to call it a day. Will probably get those peas planted this weekend though.
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Checked on the garden this evening, and was a little disappointed at how little the greens have grown, but the onions are doing very nice.

I feel this October has been a little more dry than other years as we have only got a few days of rain since the garden was planted. If I had planted a week earlier than the fall garden would have gotten an extra day of rain, but I put it off a week, so I lost a day. Forecast shows some rain later this week so hopefully that will help the garden.