Palmetto state armory cmv rifle kit unboxing


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Unboxing a new Palmetto State Armory cmv rifle kit I got for Christmas. This is the PSA M4 16 inch rifle kit that comes with everything besides the lower receiver.

The video was originally posted in 2014. Since that time the rifle I built with this parts kit has become my go to rifle for just about everything. While scouting some public hunting lands for an upcoming hunting trip that was the rifle I brought with me.

The forearm grip was changed out for an OD green magpul, and the buttstock was changed out for an OD green magpul model. The optic I chose for the rifle was a Primary Arms left handed red dot. Why left handed? So I can turn the optic on and off with my left hand and my right hand never leaves the trigger. Rear sight is OD green Magpul flip up sight.

I am not sure why this is is called a CMV Palmetto State Armory rifle.


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