Out of towners during Labor Day


Staff member
One thing I dislike about holidays is the number of out of towners that show up in rural areas. Typically, they are going to the lake, river, or hunting lease for the long weekend.

A lot of them toss their trash out on the road and expect it to magically disappear. It never fails, after a summer holiday here is always trash on the side of the road.

Then there are people riding their ATVs tearing up dirt roads and making a lot of noise.

I will be so glad when they go back to the cities they came from.


New member
Any chance your town can pass a no ATV ordinance? Our town will not allow them. The next town over has them and they ruin the roads and peace. We get snowmobiles in the winter, but at least they stick to the trails mostly. Perhaps you can sell some junk to the tourists to make up for the junk they leave behind.