On a hiking trip near the farm


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Spring is here and a lot of people will be heading out on hiking and camping trips. Let's take a few minutes and talk gear people like to bring.

Food - Snacks. Sometimes I will carry a stove, fuel and mountain house freeze dried meal. However, 2018 I may be leaving the stove at home and take some Sopakco MREs. These are not military grade MREs. They have just the basics for a single meal.

Water - Water filter, such as the katadyn vario, or Saywer pointone.

Shelter - If there is a backpack involved, it has a rain poncho. This covers the shelter aspect. Here in Texas, we sometimes get thermal showers during the summer. The sky could be blue and not a single cloud. Then, within a matter or minutes we can have a violent downpour.

Matches and or lighter.

TOPO map, compass, GPS.

All of this is subjective to what the person is doing. I rarely if ever hike in a park or where there is a trail. As shown in the video, the vast majority of my time is spent in the woods.

In the video is a Glock 19. Because it was not in a holster, there was no round in the chamber.

Knife should be a given. On this trip I carried a swiss army knife.

First aid kit is missing. I several first aid kits, but they were left out of this trip. The most important thing in my first aid kit is a tick removal tool.