No prisoner policy or forgive and forget?


Do you euthanize everything or do you let it go? Some are soft hearted others not so much. Sure you can drop it off down the road but do you thing about it becoming someone else's problem or that it might come back when you do so?

Euthenize is a polite term so let's stick with it. When you Euthenize everything you don't have to worry about it becoming someone else's problem or that it might return but it's not for everyone. Some people feel the love to all animals while others don't.

Here is an example. I have always had a zero prisoner policy but a certain woman won't let me enforce it on anything but coyote's. She is the animal lover and I'm the jackass that annihilates everything. Nothing is wrong with that since it keeps me in line. The farm on the other hand I clean house real good from time to time and nothing can be said of it so everyone wins. If someone around you is the softer hearted wait until they are gone to deal with it if you can. It will lead to the problem being solved and you won't have to fight about it.
The problem of relocating an animal is that it upsets the natural balance of the new area.
In fact, in Florida (where we are) it is against the law to relocate raccoons, for example.

I take no pleasure in destroying an animal that has killed or injured our chickens, but they are dependent upon us for safety and security. I'll do what I have to.

We have red fox about our property, but our chickens are behind 6 foot high chainlink and the foxes are not a problem. It is live and let live in this case.
Coyotes are in the area as well, but they go for easier targets, they have never been a problem for us. However, the retired couple that moved in down the road and let their cats roam loose didn't have them long. Which suited me just fine because those cats eliminated the bob white quail that were in our woods before they bit the dust themselves. Karma, baby!

We try to live in harmony with the wildlife, but sometimes it is not to be. Both the wife and I carry handguns when outside the house. And if the chickens are raising a ruckus after dark I've got a shot gun with me as well.

For the record, I don't hunt either.