Middle buster


Have you ever ran water lines or power lines to something and wish there was an easier way to dig the trench? Ever had to dig a drain trench or replace septic line and wonder the same thing? Or what about making rows in your garden? If you have a middle buster it will do all that plus more. What is a middle buster you ask? It is a single blade plough that hooks up to a tractor and they now have some that hooks up to your riding mower and some will hook up to an atv. When hooked up it sits in the middle of what ever you connect it to and digs a trench in the ground. Depth and width depend on what it hooks up to and the blade size. They even can have a bracket made that bolts into the blade bolt holes to lay pipe if you have a long way to go. If you know how to fabricate you can make the blades yourself to your specific needs.