Looks Like a Good Year for Wild Plums


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In the back pasture is a group of wild plums that has been growing there for decades. It started out as a small batch of wild plums, but has grown into a nice orchard of wild plums.

To hear my dad talk, wild plums use to grow all over this part of southeast Texas, but now they are hit and miss. There may be a few along the roads, but no large orchards.

Some of the plum trees this year have 4, 5, 6... plums on each branch. Not all trees are loaded down, but a bunch are.

My dad told me the old timers use to make jelly with wild plums. They would squeeze the juice from the plum, then make jelly with it. There is not a lot of meat on these wild plums, so they must of had a lot of them to make jelly.


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