Liquid fertilizer for fig trees


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What is the best liquid fertilizer for fig trees?

My fig trees are in the chicken yard, which is somewhere around 100 yards from my house. To water my fig trees I run a hose from the creek and use a sump pump to pump water from the creek to the fig trees. This requires me to string out around 300 - 400 feet of hose.

To avoid all of that hassle, and as an experiment, I started using watering spikes and a one liter bottles of water next to the trees.

Two weeks after first using the spikes the fig trees are putting on new growth. One of the trees is doing very well, while one is a little slow on the uptake.

So why can't I use some type of liquid fertilizer in the water bottles?

A buddy of mine uses liquid fish fertilizer on his fruit trees and with excellent results, but I do not think he uses the spikes.

We probably have another two months of growing season here in Southeast Texas (September - late October), so why can't I use the last two months to get as much growth as I can?

If the spikes work well, the next step is to set up a rain barrel catch system for the chicken house, and add the fertilizer to the rain barrels. However, first I would like to experiment with the spikes and see how things go.

A couple of the fig trees were planted 6 - 8 years ago and have not done anything. I suspect it is from the sandy soil, but then again it may be due to the lack of water. Sandy soil does not hold water very well so my fig trees are dependent on rain fall, Here in Texas during July and August there is typically a ridge of high pressure over the state which means we get very little rain. During July and August I have to run a water hose to the fig trees just to keep them alive.

Hopefully in 2020 I can get a rain barrel catch system set up so the fruit trees can have water even during July, August and September. However, the rain barrel topic will be for anther thread.