Labor Day Cookout - Glad To Be Home


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Labor Day weekend is here - those of you who do not have a job better not be celebrating either. Some of us see it as the end of summer, while others are just enjoying the three day weekend. Hunters know it is just a couple of weeks or months until hunting starts.

Besides all of that, this Labor Day is a special event for me and my family. For the past few months I have been on a job assignment in Plano, Texas. I had a laptop and helped take care of things from my Airbnb. When situations arised I talked to Shawn on the phone. Yes, I am a real person with a real phone and phone number.

This Labor Day was a celebration of being back home on the farm; no more going to Dallas or Plano. The bad news, I feel overwhelmed. The chicken yard fence line has overgrown, the garden is gone, and there is so much to do. It feels like I will be playing catch up for the next few months.

Then again, I can take this as a learning lesson and write about my experiences of leaving the farm for a few months, then coming back. for example, one of the fields, the grass much be knee high.

The chickens stopped laying in the chicken house, and I have lost several chickens to predators. So I have to start closing the chicken house up at night, but first I had to clear out the weeds around the chicken yard fence.

There is a lot of work around here, but I am glad to be home and able to work on it.

For those of you who may be wondering what I was doing in Plano, I was working on Project Management for Verizon Business Markets. The experience exposed me to all kinds of stuff I did not even know existed, such as Six Sigma.

Labor Day menu included:
  • Three packs of pork ribs
  • Two pack of pork chops
  • Chicken legs
  • Sausage - one pack
  • Boudain - one pack
  • Baked beans - three large cans
There is no way to describe being home after being away; I do not know how our servicemen do it. It is going to take me weeks to readjust. I imagine it took our servicemen years, if ever to come home mentally.

I am glad to be back home on the farm and will be working on creating content for the forum.


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i can imagine what your going through. i lived in a rent house on a ranch for 10 or 11 years before moving into the dreaded city life.they didn't need much help me every week.but yet i did do my share of help around there n all.including small repaires to the rent house here n there..and yes.there's always something to do around which the only time taken off is for church. then back to the daily routine for them.