Kicking off the Country Lifestyle Network YouTube Channel


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Ok guys and gals, I am kicking off the Country Lifestyle Network YouTube channel. I got a couple of short videos down and will be uploading them.

Please subscribe to the Country Lifestyle Network YouTube channel -

Here is the plan for the site and youtube channel:

Create the website

Give search engines time to index

Launch YouTube and other Social Networking pages.

Search engines take awhile to index new sites, this is why CLN was established several months before gardening season. Hopefully, on March 10, 11 and 12 this site is going to get a bunch of content, because that is when I am going to kick off my garden.

The field is almost dried out enough to put the tractor to work. If we can get just a couple of more good days of dry weather, I will get the garden disked up and ready to plant.