Keep your soil in great shape


If you plant a garden in the same spot every year but don't do any soil care after you are done the soil becomes poor and you have to fertilize it every time you plant a new garden. What can be done about this? During the fall and winter grass and weeds along with any other flora does not absorb as much nutrients as they would during spring or summer. So that means when the first of October rolls around it is a good time to start to fertilize your soil. Start in October and do it once a month until a week before you work the soil. This allows the soil to become rich again while it is not being used. It works even better if you till or disc the ground up before you add what ever you fertilize it with. This also softens your soil allowing it to breath. Why do all this when adding fertilizer when you plant is easier? Becuase when soil is rich before you work the ground it rotates allowing it to be great soil from the top down to the roots. You don't have to buy fertilizer. Add compost or rabbit, cow, goat or chicken manure to the ground and by the time you plant you will see the soil quality difference.