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One of the most important things people should know about today are the basics of Islam. You will not get this from anyone in government and, likely, not from your pastor (if you have one). You are not a crackpot, an extremist or a malcontent if you want to know more about this subject.

Christians are taught to emulate the life of Jesus. Muslims, likewise, are taught to imitate the life of mohammed, down to the smallest detail. Get yourself an accurate bio of mohammed. Read it. And see how less soundly you sleep at night. (The muslim biography of mohammed is called the Sirah).


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Islam isn't even a religion, it's a political system, wrapped in a death cult, disguised as a religion. All you have to do is look at the videos of what they do to infidels, even other mooselimbs who aren't in their sect & how they have children, & I mean YOUNG children committing executions & other horrific acts. Then they'll even murder children as well. I certainly won't post those videos here, but they can easily be found on the internet.