Implement repairs


Last weekend I had a three day holiday. We talked about it and I made plans a week and a half before then on making the trip. When I got done with fixing the busted water line and got all my honey do's done I went and hooked up the grading blade.

To my surprise the bolts on the bottom were rusting out pretty good. Two were missing and the rest were not far from breaking. So off to the tractor dealership for ten nuts and bolts along with two lock washers. The rest of the lock washers were still on the blade. Altogether it cost $27. Then I had to patch a small hairline crack on the old factory welds. That was another $14 for a spool of lincoln innershield 211.

Every spring and fall I go over the tractor implements to make sure everything is in good shape so nothing will break while in the middle of what ever it is I'm doing. It's one of those things that anyone who has a tractor and implements should do twice a year.

It may not be fun but its better than stopping and fixing something right when your in the middle of something. If you haven't done it yet go check on everything guys. Better knowing before hand than cussing when you break down.