I'm a relatively new country life transplant from city life. Got married this summer to a wonderful man living on a 30 acre (give or take) farm. We own 5 dogs, 4 of whom run the land all day, living a fun dog's life. The fifth dog is my fat boy Corgi, who wants to stay in the house. We have a bunch of chickens and hope to add more along with goats and perhaps a few cows. Love the new form, hope lots of country life fans join!!


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Welcome. First a goldfish pond and now I see a Corgi lover. Vinny is 3/4 Corgi, absolutey the smartest dog I've iwned.
My Norman loves people and detests other dogs. Ultimate snob. He's going to be 10 this year. He's been through a lot in the last year, the worst being getting hit by the mail truck. Thank God he survived, but it was a rough road back to where he is now.
Welcome from the piney woods of rural North Florida.
My wife and I have been rescuing dogs for 30 years. From the shelter and the side of the road.
We've had as many as 8 at one time, right now we have 5.
When we were a little more financially secure, before retirement, we also rescued horses. Three, actually. Two have since passed away but we still have one laid back mare who thinks she's the princess.
We have been keeping chickens for the last 20 years, right now we have 40 (hens and roosters).
The drought got my wife's vegetable garden last year, hopefully this year will bee better.