How To Save Okra Seeds


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Okra is probably some of the easiest seeds to save:

1. Leave the pod on the plant.

2. When the plant dies, remove pod.

3. Run string through pod.

4. Tie pods up in shed, car port... etc. Somewhere out of the rain.

5. Over the course of a few months the iside of the pod will dry and the seeds will start to rattle around on the inside.

Maybe dedicate a couple of plants to seed production? The more you harvest okra, the more it grows. When the pods are not harvested, production will slow down. So you will get fewer pods from plants that are not being harvested.


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That's good info to know. I'm already thinking is seeds to get for next which okra is one seed I'll be buying.

I like to plan my garden several months in advance, and my crop rotation a year or so in advance. Okra is one of the easiest crops I have ever grown.


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I like planing ahead as well.but I've been getting a home ready to move I'm working on short notice with the seeds