How to Pack MOLLE Sustainment Pouches


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What do you store in MOLLE sustainment pouches? When I got my large MOLLE pack several years ago a buddy of mine told me about the sustainment pouches he used while serving in the Army. He told me he would take his MREs apart and stuff the items he liked in the sustainment pouches. Here in the civilian world I like to use a mix of freeze dried meals, breakfast / protein bars, and other snacks.

While packing my sustainment pouches for a recent camping / hunting trip:

One sustainment pouch was stuffed with enough freeze dried meals and breakfast bars for three days.

The other sustainment pouch had a one pound propane bottle laid across the bottom of the pouch, base for the bottle, single burner propane stove, Toaks 750 ml Titanium pot, and titanium long spoon and fork / spoon combo.

The reader may be wondering why I packed a heavy one pound propane bottle instead of a blended fuel stove? At one point the local news had projected temps to get into the 40s. The last time I went camping in cool weather my blended fuel stove did not work very well, so for this trip I brought propane instead of blended fuel. As luck would have it the low temps were only in the 50s.

Moving the food out of the main MOLLE pack and into the sustainment pouches freed up a good bit of room. I was able to carry my ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent, 8x6 tarp, and Intex Prestige Downy twin size airbed in the bottom compartment of the large MOLLE pack. In the top compartment was a water filter, book (Germinal by Emila Zola), change of clothes, and baby wipes.

The MOLLE Sustainment pouches not only improved the carrying capacity of the pack, they improved how the MOLLE pack can be packed and the gear organized.


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