How far apart should hunters be on public hunting lands?


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On public hunting lands how far apart should hunters be? I would say at least 200 yards, but then again it depends on the landscape. 200 yards in the piney woods of Southeast Texas is a lot different than 200 yards in Montana simply because in places like Southeast Texas there may be 200 yards of thick timber and brush between the hunters, and in places such as Montana someone could see for miles with few obstructions.


While checking out a public lands hunting spot I want to hunt in the 2021 - 2022 season I found where another hunter had brought his boat up on the river bank around 100 yards from where my boat was at. This is in the bend of the Neches River, and if we both go straight in from where our boats are at we could easily be 300 yards from each other. A few months ago I scouted where his boat was at and found a couple of tripod stands on public hunting lands. I marked the location of the tripod stand so I could go back to it later. Using Google Earth to measure the distance between where I want to hunt and where the tripod stand is and it came out to be around a quarter mile.


I like to communicate with hunters around the area I want to hunt. I thought about leaving a note on the guys boat with my phone number, but as of yet I have not seen the boat. The boat was there because I saw marks on the bank where the boat was pulled up.