Grapes and berries


Do you like grapes or berries? Want to gather them at the comfort of your own home and not have to buy them? Unlike trees they don't take as much time, care, space or money. They can be planted along the house, garage, barn or fence. They taste great fresh and make great jams, jellies, preserves, candy, cobbler, juice, cake or even wine if you into that sort of thing. Wild grapes like muscadine or mustang grapes can be found in many wooded locations. They can be rooted from a good cutting and planted in your grape area. Blackberries, raspberries and grapes are better planted with something they can climb. If you like everything in one spot build a double sided bed with some good plastic flower bed liners or for better looks and a longer lasting wall some concrete barriers and some cattle panel. Build your bed wall then put some wooden post in the middle and attach your cattle panel to the post. This gives you a weedless garden box and you won't hit them with your weedeater by accident. Plant the grapes, blackberries and raspberries down the edge of the panel and let it grow up it. Put mulch on the ground after your done planting. You can walk all the way around and harvest when they start producing. Add some blueberries on the corners and you have a nice little berry and grape vine garden that will provide you will everything you want from it.