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Decided to grow some organic peppers for 2018. The plants were bought from a local farm supply store here in Jasper, Texas - Circle Three Feed.

For the fertilizer, some aged chicken manure from under the brooder house was mixed with soil and ashes from the smoker. A combination of oak, wild cherry, pecan and hickory is used in the smoker.

A Massey Ferguson 231 was used to disk up the ground, then a Yard Machines front tine tiller was used to make the row up.

Plants were spaced two rake widths apart, so maybe 24 inches apart. Then a shovel full of the homemade organic potting soil was added around the pepper.

A couple of years ago a new years bonfire was held where the peppers were planted. While working the soil pieces of wood and charcoal are visible. Hopefully, the plants will be able to leach potash out of the soil. If not, I will add some potash from the smoker around the plant.

Peppers planted:

  • Cajun Belle Spicy Pepper
  • Regular Belle Pepper
  • Tam Jalapeno Pepper
  • Cowhorn Chili pepper

I suspect compost will have to be added around the plant once it starts to produce.

We have a front coming in and are supposed to get a lot of rain in the next two days. Hopefully, the pepper plants will not get drowned by all the rain.

I have never grown Cajun Belle Spicy Peppers. It will be intersting to see how they turn out. It was just one plant in a container, so I thought why not? Let's give it a try and see how it does.


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I've raised the cowhorn's before. The spicy belle pepper sounds good.

The last time I grew cowhorn peppers was in the late 1980s. My father in law and I grew some.

We got some wheelbarrow loads of horse manure and tilled into a small patch of ground. The place was probably 15 feet long and 10 feet wide.

Those plants were probably six feet tall and produced hundreds of peppers over the summer. A lot of them were stored in jars with a water and vinegar solution and used for hot suace poured over beans and rice.

I tell you what, those peppers would add some spice to a bowl of beans and rice.

This year I would like to dry them out, grind some up and use them as a spice.