Got The Contender Snap Beans Planted


Staff member
Got a pound of contender snap beans planted on March 26, 2018. No fertilizer was put down with them as I was hoping to go organic and use as little commercial fertilizer as possible.

Also, where the beans were planted, a new years bonfire was held a few years ago. As I was tilling up the ground pieces of charcoal were coming up. Hopefully, the beans can leach potash from the soil and use the pieces of wood and charcoal in the soil.

Time will tell how things will work out.

If need be, I will side dress the beans with a homemade compost, or even with 13-13-13.

In all, a pound of contender snap beans were used to plant a row about 75 feet long.

Strong rain coming in tonight, so hopefully sprouts will be up early next week.

I am hoping for a good crop of snap beans, as I would like to use the pressure canner and put some up for the year. It would be interesting to see how many jars of beans I can put up, and how many are used through the rest of the year.