Goat house


With all the weather we have had in Texas since November it has not been good for us much less goats. They don't like cold weather and the mud makes their hooves rot. So when she told me she wanted some goat houses we talked about what exactly she wanted built. Me being the nice guy i am along with no not being in my vocabulary towards her got right on it.

One thing she wanted along with better shelter is a way to wear their hooves while they play. Since they like to jump on a roof i did the following. Kitty litter proved to big so I bought a 50lbs of play sand. When I put wooden sides on a regular dog house I mixed the play sand in with some paint and painted the roof with the mixture. Make sure its a nice and thick layer so it won't fall off all at once.

The next one is the big one. I haven't started on it yet but its the same concept but it will have enough room for all the goats to fit in with a roof that will open and will have a slant. I will paint the roof the same way. When I'm done with both the goats will have a place to sleep at night along with sanding their hooves down while playing. Two birds with one stone concept. It may not sound like the most fun thing but like they saying goes. If she is happy I'm happy and i like making her happy. If your not that kind of person think of it like this. Not having to trim hooves as often and not making a cover in the cold for them is a good thing.