Getting deer feeders ready and planting food plots


Staff member
Here on the farm my son and I have been in the process of getting ready for the 2018 - 2019 hunting season. This involves working on some deer stands, getting the feeders ready and planting some food plots.

One deer stand is a tri-pod what needs either some tin or plywood put around it, and a roof put on.

The other deer stand is fiberglass and needs some work on it. While moving the stand a few years ago the fiberglass broke. The door also needs to be worked on.

The food plots in the summer are some greens and clover. As hunting season gets closer I will probably spread turnips, rutabagas, peas, and some bean seed. I have a bunch of old seed in the freezer I may spread around the feeders.

I thought about doing some videos about deer hunting, but youtube caves into special interest. If enough people report the video, it may get banned. I have seen accounts get warnings and bans for no apparent reason.