Fruit tree mulch frame in chicken yard suggestions


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After posting in the forum several times about my fig trees not growing, and people recommending to mulch around them, I built a test mulch frame around a fig tree.

The frame is built from pressure treated 2x6s and is 4 feet square. I started out with a single 2x6 tall, but as I expected the chickens were throwing the mulch over the top of the 2x6.

In an effort to resolve the issue of mulch being thrown out of the bin I added a second 2x6 for a height of around 11 1/2 inches tall. A small gap was added between the 2x6s.

I think the 4 foot wide frame is a little small. So on the next one I plan on going 6 feet instead of 4 feet. The plan right now is to try and maintain around 5 - 6 inches of mulch. I will know the depth because the boards are 5 1/2 inches tall. As long as the mulch stays around the height of the first board that will give me the desired depth.

Over the next few days I will keep an eye on the bin to see how much mulch is thrown out by the chickens.

To prevent the chickens from throwing the mulch out I could cover the top with chicken wire, but the chickens rummaging through the mulch keeps it turned. Also, while the chickens are in the mulch they will poop in it and add some chicken manure.

Thoughts and suggestions on this set up? Does anyone else have a mulch bin around their fruit trees in a chicken yard? If so, what type of set up are you using?