Expanding the orchard in 2020


Staff member
Finally decided to clear out the chicken yard for more fruit trees in the spring of 2020. When the chicken yard was built I had planned on getting goats, but have since changed my mind. What should I do with a chicken yard that is between 3/4 and 1 acre? Why not plan an orchard?

The liquid fish fertilizer is working wonders for the fig trees as they have put on more growth in the past month than they have in the past year. Part of the issue is the sandy soil in the area.

This is the plan so far:

3 - 4 more fig trees for a total of around 6 or 7.
2 - 3 pear trees. There are already two pear trees near the chicken yard.
4 peach trees

Maybe plums?

The goal is to plant the trees in a grid spacing around 15 feet apart, but still leave plenty of room.

One of the reasons to have the orchard in the chicken yard is for pests control. Hopefully the chickens will help control worms and other fruit pests, but I am not sure how all of that will work out.