Easy way to deal with field rats


That's right rat's. When timber companies clear cut large tracks of land they leave wood piles. In said wood piles rodents and snakes like to make a home out of them. When you live near or have land close to timber company land you might have a rat or snake problem when they leave piles of wood that are infested.

Last summer when I filled the deer feeders with corn the field rat's from the surrounding area started gathering around them and started in on the corn. So I got a bright idea on how to deal with them since I couldn't set out a whole bunch of traps.

I took the grade blade and made a dirt circle around and under the deer feeder. Then I sat in the deer stand 50 yards away with my trusty Remington 597 in .22 lr with a bushnell sharpshooter 3-9x40 scope. Every afternoon while the twilight time was about the rats came to the feeder and would eat the corn. The rest speaks for itself.

If you have a problem with rodents or pest why not give it a whirl. It works on anything that's eats corn and you don't need a expensive feeder or stand to do it. A five gallon bucket with a piece of pipe and a board at the bottom of the pipe works as a feeder. A lawn chair in a good hiding spot but with a good line sight to the feeder will work all the same.

Why not give it a whirl guys? It also works great on squirrels.
Good idea.
We will not use poison, for fear of killing an owl or hawk that eats the rat before it dies itself.
Likewise, we don't want one of our dogs getting ahold of a poisoned rat, either.
We use: my Single Six with 22 magnum rat shot (our local rats are BIG), or spring traps in the feed shed, or the wife uses a CO2 BB pistol. Her real gun is a 38 Special and CCI shotshells in that caliber are pricey and over kill.


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Controlling rat is difficult in many cases but can be achieved using either rat poison, rat traps, electronic devices or a combination of these rodent control and eradication methods.
Like, last month, when some rats were causing a huge damage to our crops and property, I had used some poison in a series of rat boxes and place them between their holes and their food source or where there are signs of droppings. I had also taken some tips from pest control San Ramon CA experts, as they said that to clean up rubbish bags in metal bins, keep gardens free from debris and keep clutter to a minimum and make sure to act quickly to get rid of rats and prevent a larger infestation establishing.


Rat poison is only safe under certain circumstances. If no pets are around then yes it is the way to go. I don't use it in a place where a pet will be because I lost a pet dog as a child because the dog got a hold of the poisoned rat. The rest speaks for itself.

As far as farm equipment I'm about to put a peanut butter jar lid full of antifreeze to kill the rats that are making nest in the tractor battery box. There will not be enough antifreeze in the rat to kill any pets. Placing bait and using a good scoped .22lr is the safest way to deal with them. Those who know me know I'm relentless in dealing with pest and predators but I will not risk the safety of pets to do so.