Dove,quail,duck and turkey food plots


Dove,duck,quail and Turkey's pretty much eat the same thing. It also works for chickens and pheasants. It is also a nice place to watch birds if you are into that sort of thing when everything is grown. On the farm there is a pond which wood ducks visit and there are a lot of doves around the place. So this year I'm trying an experiment to see if I can get everything nice and plump for next season.

I have planted milo also called sorghum in the past with good results. This year I'm going to try mossy oaks biologic whistleback blend near the pond so everything is fed when it grow and is mowed down. It is a blend of Egyptian wheat,sunflower and milo seeds. Hopefully everything will go as planned and I will see a lot of fat birds.

Believe it or not everything birds love to eat is really easy to grow. Bird seed, whistleback,milo,wheat or a mix of whatever you make yourself does not take a lot of nutrients or much water. The soil does not need to be worked as much either. When planting I adjust the disk to strait row tines instead of angled.

Work the soil until smooth then two or three more times after that. Spread some 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 fertilizer into the soil the last time you work the soil. Once you mix and work the soil for the last time make sure the soil is level and smooth. Spread the seed heavily and lightly work the seed into the ground. I am lazy so I bought a 85 pound tow behind seed spreader so spreading the seed anything else I need to spread is a easy chore from now on. Do the last of the soil work,fertilization and planting a couple of days before a good rain.

Not only will you have fat game birds but you will have a nice spot to watch them eat and gather. If you have chickens you want cut the plants down with a scythe to dry and store the seeds for chicken feed down the road or mow it down and let them eat to their hearts content.