Dove hunting


Dove hunting is a love affair that a lot of hunters have and I'm no exception. It brings great joy when you see the doves rolling in at the crack of dawn and the beauty of it is beyond words. It is also one of the cheapest and easiest animals to hunt and is something the kids will pick up on and may love to do it. I did.

Dove hunting is easy. Open or rolling fields and farm fields are the best places to go. Doves love farm fields because of the food from the crops and the insects it brings in. They will peck at everything but they really love corn and grains. Worked up soil brings them in because of the grubs and worms from the soil come up.

A good way to ensure a healthy dove population is to plant grains and corn. I bought six bags of whole horse oats and I will be buying five more bags of milo. That will give me six bags of each. Grow at least an acre of feed and let it grow to maturity and mow everything down. If you time it right you will have enough food on the ground for them all winter. Mow everything down to six/eight inches.

This ensures a healthy population and will fatten the up. Winter time is hard on all animals since nothing grows even clover. If you have a good food source they will return and I have had some that have stuck around for years. It's a good process and ensures there will be more for the years to come and it is self satisfying.

You don't need the most expensive gear either. A good shotgun with a 26 inch barrel and a modified choke works great. I use my 870 express for dove hunting. Even though I have two other 12 gauge shotguns the 870 is my favorite for dove hunting. A good upland vest is a must becuase you store your birds in the pouch and your snacks,water and shells in the pockets. Unless you have mandates for steel shot then you can use pretty much what ever ammunition you want. I use Remington shur shot heavy dove loads. A dog is optional.

If you want to try a new game for hunting I recommend dove hunting. It is a fun sport and is on the cheaper side of bird hunting and the kid's will fall in love with it. It has a majestic feeling and most other dove hunters are pretty good fellows and will share some knowledge if you ask the about success and management.