Difference between pullets and straight run


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What is the difference between pullets and straight run?

Pullets are female chicks.

Straight run could be anything. Typically, there is around a 50/50 chance of a straight run chick being a rooster.

Think of it this way, female chicks who will grow up to be laying hens are "pulled" from the flock. People stand at a boxes of chicks, and somehow determine a chicks sex.

Why buy pullets? These are for people who want lying hens. Consider someone who lives in an urban area who can not have roosters. They would buy pullets to make sure the chicks do not include roosters. Pullets usually cost a few cents more than straight run. The cost covers the manual labor in sorting and picking the chicks.

Why buy straight run? These are for people who do not care if they get roosters, or may want to butcher a few chickens when they start to reach sexual maturity. When a roster and hen start to mature sexually, the rooster will start to crow, and the hen will start laying eggs. Buying straight saves money, may get a few roosters, and then butcher the extra roosters.

Pullets = hens.

Straight run = random selection.

When does a pullet become a hen? When a pullet reaches around 6 months old it is no longer a pullet, it becomes a hen. In other words, when a pullet reaches sexual maturity, it becomes a hen. Kinda like when a girl becomes a woman.
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